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Shay's Cutie Cavies

Pasco, WA

Need to surrender your guinea pig(s)?
We have one cage opening for one or two. $50 surrender fee per
guinea pig.

We show cavies (guinea pigs) and help cavies find a forever home. Whether you want to show or just have a fuzzy loving pet, we can help you. Our caviary is pedigreed Teddy cavies.

We also board cavies, nail trims, and Ivermectin treatments (see services).

Our cavies are in a climate controlled, clean, and safe environment. We provide each one with love and attention. We practice regular health checks and parasite control.

All new owners will receive free instructions on care, feeding, and habitat suggestions.

Contact us to see what we have available or schedule a meet and greet to come interact before choosing. 

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